Become a partner

Our partner program is aimed at creating a working relationship that is based on exchanging knowledge and experience to further both our sponsor and us. We welcome applications for partnership if you can support our mission and we can contribute to yours.

Whats does FormulaFPV do

FormulaFPV is a platform for mini Drone racing. FormulaFPV facilitates mini Drone racing for racers, the racing community and spectators. We do this by professionally organizing race events at locations all over the world. During the race we create content that we either distribute live (video stream) or at a later stage. We also encourage the racers to create content and share that with their friends and the community. Online we offer a forum, a website to share information on all things drone racing, and a video sharing section. We facilitate a booking agency for professional FPV racers.

Who would be great partners for FormulaFPV?

Partners can be directly or indirectly involved in drones, UAV’s either professionally or aimed at consumer markets. The basis of partnership is:

Technology Partner

First and foremost we organize racing events and are always looking at making these races fun, safe, exciting and spectacular.
The races events and track can be used as testing and proving grounds for your products. If you make frames, motors, goggles, transmitters, receivers or any other product used in drone racing we can put these in the hands of experienced top class pilots and conduct test and provide feedback that you can use to make your products better.

Innovation Partner

One of our main goals is to create and deliver quality racing content to a global audience. We therefore welcome partners that can helps us do that in new and exciting ways. We also see that our racing events and the FPV racing community offer opportunities in a lots of other ways and areas that we can’t even go into naming here.
If you think that your company could benefit from what we are doing do not hesitate to contact us.

Corporate partner

You can become a corporate partner if you are involved in a business we use to run our business but not directly connected to the racing.
We use storage to store our equipment, cars to drive to the events, portofoons to communicate during the event, etc.

Supply Partner

Your company can become a official supplier if we use your equipment. You can think about all the equipment we use to organize the race events but also all the equipment needed to do that.

We realize that their is no one partner program that fits all. We therefore work with our partners to find the best working solution.

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