Work with us

Imagine …

  • FPV drone races visited and viewed online by thousands of visitors that match your customer profile
  • Professionally established FPV races, specifically organized around sponsors and partners
  • Pictures and video’s from the events organized around products and logos
  • Widely spread content online and offline before, during and after the races
  • Advertising that’s more than a flag or gate
  • Organization and marketing for multiple FPV races handled by one professional partner

What would this mean for your company?

  • Your company prominently marketed and branded
  • Targeted advertising
  • Worldwide visibility
  • Higher ROI

Our solution is the way we organise events

  • Together with strong partners
  • Combining races with other events
  • With facilities and entertainment aimed not only at the racers but also at the public
  • Content made by professional photographers, video and TV producers
  • Content that includes exposure for sponsors and partners.
  • Promo village with maximum visibility to audience and racers

Take the next step

You can become Partner or Sponsor of FormulaFPV. With both options you support the FPV racing community worldwide. If you want to learn more about Drone FPV Racing and to participate in this new and exciting sport here are your options. Contact us for a more detailed description of how we do it and what options we have for advertising and branding.

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