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CampZone 2016 Invitational Drone Race

  • Race name: CampZone 2016 Invitational Drone Race
  • Website:
  • Date: 6 Aug 2016
  • Cost: Free for invited pilots. Visitor pay 10 Euro
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Location:  At the crossroad between the Peelstraat and the Schorfvenweg in Kronenberg, Limburg
  • Drone Race Organiser:  FormulaFPV 
  • Contact:

CampZone Drone Race and Experience

During CampZone, which will be held van the 5th till the 10th of August, FormulaFPV will organise a few things drone related. We start on the 6th with  drone racing between 16 experienced drone pilots. They will compete in a friendly race and show the CampZoners what a drone race looks likes. 

The race will be a 1 day event which starts with practice runs, qualifying runs and finally a race.

The final race will be an elimination race There will be 4 pilots per heat. The race will be done using a double elimination system. This means in short that if you are eliminated, you will get a second chance in the losers section of the system and will still be able to reach the final. Once in the final 4 there will not be a second chance. The final is 1 race only.

Other activities in the drone zone

After the race on the 6th the race track will be available on the remaining days of the event for the CampZoners that have brought their own race quad. A volunteer will be available to help newbies out with there first steps on the race track.


After the race we can do a BBQ with all the racers if we get enough people who want to do that. The cost will be about 15 Euro. So if you are signing up as a pilot also let me know if you would like to join the BBQ.

Other activities

There are also other activities during Campzone opening evening then playing games. In the evening there will be a opening video and cosplay show. If you do not know what cosplay is you need to watch this. Next is a special bingo with some great prices. So if you came to race you might as well stay for the party.

About CampZone

CampZone is the biggest outdoor gaming vacation in the world. It is similar to a LAN party, only it lasts for eleven days and offers many extras. For example, it will contain various competitions and activities such as bingo, soap soccer and the FlatOut 2 competition.

In a nutshell: CampZone is a big camping where people who have an interest in games and technology bring their computers to, in order to have much fun with other participants and benefit from the fast connection. During the day you could play videogames with your mates or participate in activities, whereas in the evenings you could have a barbeque, enjoy the taste of Dutch beer, and simply have fun.

 About Formula FPV

FormulaFPV is the organising event team specialised in corporate and professional drone races. The team is passionate about drone racing and gives support to the young community and everybody that is interested in drones. Their motivation is the passion for drones, future pilots and fans. With their experience of organising more than 60 races and events FormulaFPV is fully dedication to this concept. The direct contact with the pilots is visible in their organisation and recognizable as friendly developing open minded organisation.


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