FormulaFPV introduces new promotional tents

Easy set up and high quality for your drone race team

Drone racing get’s even more professional now with these promotional tents

formulafpv partner sponsor uppe drone fpv racing
Since we started this adventure in bringing together the drone racing community we have always felt a great need to have a place to gather. During drone race events it’s very convenient to see where the organization is located so you can be served quickly. Now with our new sponsor UPPE we can do all of this. The helped us create a high quality foldable tent made from enduring metal that’s still light weight. It can stand storms and protects our value equipment during events.

We see team racing as an upcoming section of drone racing and hope teams will also use these kind of tents to present themselves. If you’re interested in purchasing a similar tent please contact us.

Formulafpv drone racing new tent event 01

Formulafpv drone racing new tent event 02

Photo’s by UPPE

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