Christmas FPV drone race


Christmas FPV drone race in the Jaarbeurs

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Our team came together to create our first Christmas themed indoor race in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht on 20 December, and with great success.

FormulaFPV FPV Racing Jaarbeurs Utrecht Drone

With 11 pilots from the Netherlands and Belgium we had an awesome day. After spending some time hanging up our Xmas lights some of the lights our pilots brought themselves (special thanks to Unox-FPV for his kick-ass start/finish sign in led lighting) we started off with some warm ups.

The figure 8-shaped track proved challenging for all racers with the central tower requiring precision steering and the zigzag testing pilot’s skill to dodge Christmas trees it was a sight to see for the audience!

And when the ‘oliebollen’ arrived the atmosphere was complete!

JedEyeRacer had some trouble getting started but started making some great headway during the mid-races getting him into 6thplace. KokkieFPV had a lot of technical difficulties costing him his races early on. Vincbee showed phenomenal speed and control winning every race. In the finals we decided to have a 5 man final (instead of the usual 4) as Starn and Maus were so close to each other score we had to see what would happen!

Max was close behind Starn the entire race but Starn never let him pass netting him the 3d place and leaving Maus 4th. Vincebee showed us his ranking was well earned as he finished first in the finals making him the winner of the day.

We had a great race and a great year for Formula-FPV and we hope to have even better events in 2016 and we hope to see everyone at Campus Party in May for our biggest race yet!

And finally we would like to wish everyone happy holidays from the formula-fpv team and all our volunteers! A Merry Christmas to all and to all, a good night!



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