FVP racing championship Podracing in Utrecht


FVP racing championship Podracing in Utrecht

The guys at the Man Cave in Utrecht had been talking about star wars for a long time and asked themselves: “could we build a racing-pod?”. The answer to that questions was an easy “no” but drones look like pod racers and a drone race would be cool. After asking around they came to FormulaFPV and asked for advice and planning began.

Together with shopping mall Hoog Catharijne and the Man Cave we discussed many possibilities for the race, but one thing was made abundantly clear; we needed some of the best racers we could get. We invited the usual suspects, GhettoDino, Jaapp, Fullstick Marra, Muinckadelic and set out to find more! At our garage race we decided to invite TheRCTest, Otten FPV, MGR, Quadfido and Royce to complete the line-up.

We arrived at 18:00 to find the race track already being set up, we chimed in to relocate some safety features (such as the net) to guarantee the spectators safety, but the guys from Hoog Catharijne had everything under control. When the lights were shining and the DJ booming the pilots set out for their first test flights while we finished setting up the score board and double checking to see if the bar was adequately stocked (spoiler alert: it was).

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When the race for the trophy started MGR took a quick lead followed by TheRCTest. They stayed neck-a-neck for the remainder of the race with MGR slightly in the lead. Resulting in them both qualifying for the finals together with Royce and Muinckadelic. GhettoDino faced many mind boggling technical difficulties during the race but proved he was at the right event when he got his rig fixed and tried tacking back his place at the top of the rankings, but sadly there weren’t enough rounds left for him to compensate for his downtime.


In the final (see pdf for all results), winner takes all race, TheRCTest did what he does best, completely lose all braking power and just push it for the win. After overtaking MGR, his big rival for the day, he pushed his engines as hard as possible to widen the gap between him and the competition and was able to beat MGR and claim the title and the cup. All in all a great day for drone racing.

If you regret not being there remember; TheRCTest will need to return next year to defend his title as Dutch Champion Pod racing, lets see if MGR can win first place then.

See you next time!

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