FPV Racing 29 november 2015


FPV Race at Jaarbeurs parking lot in Utrecht

Neither Rain nor 120 kilometer an hour winds will stop us from racing! As proven on 29th of November 2015 in the garage tower of Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

We had an incredible race with races from all skill ranges attending and with our new ELO based ranking system everyone was able to keep flying for the entire event! After the first 2 rounds the system started pairing people based on their skill level and the race became even more exiting as races were fighting to keep up with each other!


GhettoDino was having some technical difficulties costing him his first race but he came back hard and ended with a solid 3rd place in the rankings and 4th place in the finals. But GhettoDino was not the only racer with difficulties, Puff Puff wasn’t able to fly as much as everyone would have wanted to see as there were problems with the VTX resulting in a bad day, shout out to Puff Puff for sticking around and still helping in keeping the atmosphere energetic!

All racers brought their 25 mw VTX (or borrowed one of ours) which resulted in only 1 hijacking problem halfway through the race where Unox-FPV was left blind. With the increasing support for 25mw VTX and the race band channels we hope to prevent these situations at future events. We also spent some time measuring the output of everyone’s VTX, conclusion: there are no 25mw´s that actually produce 25mw. The measurements were between 50mw to a massive 170mw. Prevent cross channel contamination, get checked today!

The finals resulted in KokkieFPV winning 1st place after a photo finish over TheRCTest, yes we actually had to look at the camera footage to determine a winner. 2nd place TheRCTest, 3rd Mgr and GhettoDino 4th.


To conclude special thanks to the guys from DroneWatch for covering their event in their new youtube channel, we hoop to see you back again soon for our next exiting race!

Full results

FormulaFPV FPV racing 29-nov-15 Utrecht (Garage P4)

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