Campus Party Europe 2016 connects studenten with technology and adds FormulaFPV as drone partner


Campus Party Europe 2016 is on its way

The Netherlands has prioritised investments in technology to help it become a center of technological innovation. In 2016 2 major events will take place in The Netherlands to underline this commitment.

As part of the European wide Startupfest Europe, Campus Party will return to Europe, where it’s fourth edition will be held in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, The Netherlands from 25 till 29 May 2016.

This weeklong, 24-hours-a-day technology event is the place to be for young technical talent to innovate, learn and engage with some of the biggest names in technology. Thousands of “campuseros” including geeks, nerds, designers, developers, gamers, hackers, scientists, startups and other fans of Internet and technology will all come together during intense days of networking and activities such as workshops, hackathons and competitions about innovation, creativity, science and digital entertainment and entrepreneurship.

Campus Party Europe will have 3 major sections.


Opinion leaders and web celebrities will take the stage at Campus Party in order to inspire you. They will talk about problems they have faced, solutions they have found, while motivating and inspiring you to keep learning new skills and solving new problems.


Through challenges and hackathons Campuseros will work on solutions for complex problems. The challenges are about building the future and finding solutions for large problems. Most challenges are taken on in a team and require development, research and business skills.


During workshops new skills can be learned, like programming a robot, write code, market an app, fly a drone.


Campus Party Europe 2016 logo Utrecht Jaarbeurs introduction FormulaFPV partner sponsorFormulaFPV is the partner of Campus Party in the Drone Technology area. We are here to help companies get involved into Campus party and provide them with a platform for co-creation and development of their products with the help of the Campuseros.

We will also be hosting the first Open European Championship Indoor FPV Racing during Campus Party.

Participation and Sponsoring

Campus Party started in 1997. Now, 17 years later and after more than 50 editions and with more than 360.000 registered Campuseros worldwide, Campus Party now has annual editions in Mexico, Recife, Costa Rica, Sao Paulo, Ecuador, Argentina, Spain, El Salvador and Colombia and special European editions have been organized in London, Berlin and Madrid.

During the event in the Jaarbeurs we expect over 10.000 participants and visitors, all of which are interested in innovation and technology. Campus Party offers unique possibilities for participation and sponsoring of research and activities to created product and service innovations.

Become partner

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Contact us for full partner packages and opportunities.

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